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In the past two decades, biotechnology has been used to improve yield, nutrition, resistance to drought and insects, and other desirable qualities of several common food crops, including corn and soy. As consumers grow more conscious about the types of foods they put in their bodies, some have asked about the role of biotechnology in food production and health.

As such, ConAgra Foods only purchases and uses ingredients that comply with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for food safety and nutrition. Both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the FDA have concluded that biotech foods that are approved for human consumption are as safe and nutritious as other foods that are developed through more conventional methods.

However, we understand the field of food biotechnology is constantly shifting as advancements are made in the world of science, and will continue to reevaluate our internal policies, relying heavily on evolving science, consumer and customer expectations, and regulatory decisions.

Ultimately, consumers will decide what is acceptable in the marketplace based on the best science and public information available. We will continue to listen carefully to our customers and consumers on biotechnology and provide alternatives for those who demand products without biotechnology ingredients. Two choices are our Lightlife brand, which is manufactured using non-GMO soy seeds, and our organic foods, which also do not use biotech ingredients.